Talking Tom hacked


What a turn of events! Talking Tom has been robbed! A nasty raccoon got into his home as he was seeing sweet dreams and left with a bag full of money. When Tom wake up, the thief already took off, but he can still see his fluffy tail at the end of the street. Hurry up, you can still catch him! Fortunately, the raccoon wasn’t very careful and dropped half of the money. As you run down the road chasing the robber, you need to pick up those shiny coins and put them into your pocket. The street will be full of cars, fences and other obstacles. Be careful not to bump into anything which might be pretty painful. An unexpected collision will also hold you back and the raccoon can get away. So you need to keep running without decreasing your speed. At first, it will be quite easy, but the task will get harder with every second. Don’t forget about the gold that you need to collect! If you succeed, you’ll be able to buy a few useful things for your home and unlock other characters to play for.


  • Look
  • Jump

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