Talking Tom Golden Run


Tom always gets into trouble. And today is no exception. While our pussy friend was sleeping, a sly raccoon broke into his house and stole all the money Tom has been saving up for all his life! What a pity! Tom was planning to spend those savings on a wedding ring for Angela. He has to get it back! Get ready to pursue the thief and take back what’s yours. Luckily, the raccoon was in such a hurry that he lost part of his trophies and it’s lying all over the street. You have to pick it up without losing your speed. After all, you need to retrieve everything that was stolen down to the last coin!

The game belongs to the runner genre and reminds other popular games you might have already played. However, the details are different and you still have to explore all the subtleties of the gameplay. The controls are easy and intuitive: Tom runs on his own; all you need is to move him to the left or to the right with the help of swipes dodging from the obstacles and collecting the money you see on your way. The further you get the faster you run. It gets ever tougher to avoid the cars, jump over the fences and get out of the way before you collide with something. Once the thief is captured, Tom will finally be able to take a break from the crazy pursuit and his place will be taken by Angela who also suffered from the greedy raccoon. The heroes will also be able to spend the gold they collected by the end of the level on buying different things they’ve always dreamed of. A head-spinning run along picturesque locations and lavish prizes are waiting for you!


  • Look
  • Jump

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