Talking Tom gold run Talking Angela


Just like in every runner, you’ll be able to use different boosters with Angela. By picking up the needed item, you can increase the number of collected coins, speed up or take off into the sky where you will find additional money. If you haven’t got the hang of the controls yet, you’ll benefit from a special helmet that will swallow the impact from colliding with any object. Note, though, that it works for a limited amount of time, so don’t count on it to save you from every danger in your way.

Once you earn a bit of money, you can purchase various improvements for our hero’s home. Tom’s place has already grown quite shabby and it definitely needs an overhaul. For instance, you can buy new furniture or add a pool in the backyard. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to play for other characters as well. They too suffered from the hands of the nasty raccoon. Angela, Ben and Ginger – they all need your help. Set out on a head-spinning gold run and don’t come back with empty hands!


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  • Jump

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