Talking Tom Camp


We all heard that cats are afraid of water. But, with Tom, that’s just not the case! He is in a hurry to offer you a new kind of adventure in a huge swimming pool divided into two camps. You are going to build an army of cats equipped with water guns and try to siege the opponent’s base using a whole range of weapons available in the game and your own tactical thinking. But first, you’ll need to take care of your own water castle. Build structures like towers and catapults to protect your camp from enemy attacks and don’t forget about providing yourself with all required resources. You won’t be able to go too far without money, so one of the first constructions you’ll need is the coin factory. Once your budget is full, you can spend it on buying new types of equipment for your troops and filling your part of the map with new buildings.

Is your army big enough? Time to launch an attack! Arrange your soldiers into a formation that suits your strategy and send them off into a fierce fight! Note that you can’t influence the process of the battle itself. Once the campaign starts, you can only observe it, enjoy the show and analyze your mistakes. While the game is very thrilling and action-packed, it’s totally void of violence, so it’s suitable even for small kids. There are upgrades and additions released regularly, so you’ll always have something new to try! The Talking Tom waits for you to join him in the water battle, just as colorful and exciting as it would be in a real swimming pool on a hot summer day! Don’t put it off any longer, turn on your gadget and fight until the last drop of water!


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