Talking Tom and friends


Talking Tom has always been a friendly, intelligent cat. To avoid any trouble, he chose a nice, quite neighborhood where nothing happens. He hoped to live a calm and safe life free of any trouble. But things went out of hand with the arrival of a nasty raccoon who had a cunning plan: to rob every house in the district. And he succeeded in it. One morning Talking Tom woke up to find out that all his savings were gone. Hanging on the broken safe door was a long stripped piece of fur that indicated the thief. And that’s where our usually so polite and peaceful Tom lost it. Burning with rage, he ran out right into the middle of the busy street and started in pursuit of the robber. The scared raccoon speeded up dropping coins out of his pocket. Tom has to catch him collecting the lost gold along the way and avoiding numerous obstacles placed there to stop him. Be careful, Tom! The street is full of vehicles hurrying down the road and they don’t seem to care about your noble quest! Don’t expect the drivers to slow down as you pass by. It’s up to you to stay on track while dodging everything that blocks your way. Luckily, our hero is pretty agile, like every cat. For him, it’s a piece of cake to climb over a fence or jump between roofs in the heat of the chase. Coins are scattered everywhere, so look sharp to pick them all. Your speed will progressively increase leaving you with ever fewer chances to avoid a painful collision. Bumping into something will automatically restart the level, so you need to be extra agile. Various boosters lying here and there will help you gather as much gold as possible by increasing you speed, multiplying the amount of money you pick up and even sending you up in the air to unlock hidden levels.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to collect all the coins, but even if you clear 80% of the location, it will be enough to buy a few improvements for your house. It definitely needs a new roof, a furniture upgrade and a pool. Once you’re done overhauling Tom’s home, you’ll get access to other characters, including Angela, Ginger and Ben. They’ve been robbed too and you are their only hope to capture the evil raccoon and get back their money! Don’t leave them out to dry!


  • Look
  • Jump

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