Subway Surfers Talking Tom


Don’t you think the life of Talking Tom and his buddies has become a bit too boring? Day after day, all they do is wake up, drink their milk, trim their gardens, meet somewhere in a cozy café, have a small talk and do other banal things we are all used to. Time to have some fun! To change that, they decided to add a little action to their daily routine and follow the example of mischievous kids from Subway Surfers. However, in this game you won’t simply have to run over the town and pick up coins. You will actually fight a criminal with Android Gameplay!

The thief who stole your money is running down the road dropping gold from his bag. Bad for him, good for you! At least, now you can partially make up for your financial losses. Your task is to retrieve as much gold as you can to buy upgrades for your house. This won’t be easy as you’ll have to weave your way between the passing cars, climb onto fences and jump from one roof to another. But you won’t be left unassisted: on the road, you’ll find various accelerators and multipliers, protecting helmets and even jetpacks to fly into the clouds! All that will help you increase your income and make it easier to pass the level.

But most importantly, you’ll get an opportunity to play for each of the heroes. Except Tom, there will be a white female cat named Angela, nasty dog Ben and cute kitten Ginger. Each of them will run on a different location – city street, busy highway, suburbs path or seafront. But to gain access to other heroes, you’ll have to collect enough money as Tom first. Only after you build a house for him and equip it with a luxurious pool, you’ll be able to switch to other characters. Besides, each of the heroes will have an opportunity to prolong the time during which special bonuses are eligible. They can be purchased in the game store for coins. Good luck!


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