You probably heard those awful stories about people whose houses got robbed at night. That’s exactly what happened to Talking Tom. All because of a sleezy raccoon who showed up in the neighborhood. Nobody suspected him of anything like that, because raccoons are so sweet and cute… Well, you know. But those fluffy paws turned out to be rather sticky. And one shiny morning Tom discovered that his safe was broken and the money was gone! For crying out loud, how did it happen? And what is he going to do about it? Should he call the police or try and catch the thief by himself? After a bit of thinking, Tom decides to go with the latter option!

The thief is running away down the street dropping the golden coins from his hands. What a waste! Tom planned to spend them on building a new house. Our infuriated friend starts chasing the evil raccoon. With every step, his paws move quicker and quicker as he strives to return his savings. But that won’t be that easy to do. The area where the action takes place is barred by various obstacles that you need to dodge. If you aren’t agile enough, you can bump into a fence or a passing car. Then the level will restart and you’ll have to repeat the path once again. So it’s in your best interest to be as careful as you can. The game excellently improves reaction, so pretty soon you’ll become an expert in avoid all kinds of obstacles.



  • Look
  • Jump

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