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Game Talking Tom Gold Run online

Talking Tom games are quite popular with people of all ages and genre preferences. If you think that Tom’s life is way too easy and calm, though, here is some action to keep your adrenaline pumping. This story could have happened to any of us. One night, as our whiskered friend was sleeping peacefully in his bed, a nasty raccoon broke into his house and stole all his savings. Luckily, Tom heard the noise and woke up. When he found out his money was gone, he flew into a rage. After all, even such a friendly and patient guy as him can get angry when he gets into a fix like that! Without waiting any further, Tom ran after the thief following the trail of golden coins pouring from a hole in his pocket. He hoped to catch up with him, take back his gold and turn the raccoon into the police. But as it started dawning, the quiet street got full of cars and by-passers. Now Tom has to dodge all these obstacles while also collecting the coins and staying on track as his speed increases with every step of the way! Help the poor cat to capture the robber and restore justice!

Down the city street

Making your way through the busy city street might be problematic even if you aren’t in a hurry. And Tom is! Don’t expect that it’s going to be easy to leap over the fences, climb onto the rooftops and dodge between all those automobiles without slowing down and taking a break even for a second! Tom will run down the road automatically; you only have to control his movements. If you let your guard down and collide with any of those objects, the level will restart and you’ll have to begin all over again. Try to collect as many coins as you can to maximize your final score. Some of them will be waiting for you in places that are hard to reach, but that doesn’t mean you can’t clear them! With every new attempt, you’ll find it ever easier to overcome obstacles and find an entry to areas that previously seemed beyond your reach. And if the chase gets a bit challenging, you can always resort to one of the boosters lavishly scattered around. Some of them increase the amount of gold you pick up, others work as accelerators. There are also helmets that protect Tom from colliding with solid objects and even jet packs for flying!

Building a dream home

At the end of the level, the coins and bonuses you managed to collect are summed up and can be spent on upgrading Tom’s old shabby house. Not all of the upgrades will be available at once. You’ll have to start with fixing the roof or buying a new set of furniture. But pretty soon you’ll be able to buy expensive, luxurious stuff like a swimming pool in the backyard. Tom isn’t the only character that requires your help. The raccoon has also robbed his friends – Angela, Ginger and Ben. They all want their money back, so once you’re done redecorating at Tom’s place, you can proceed to other locations. Each character comes with their own racing track. From the small town where Tom lives, you’ll get to a traffic-packed highway, suburbs road or romantic seafront. Run as fast as you can and don’t leave a single coin behind you!