New Talking Tom


We all know Talking Tom as a sweet, polite guy who won’t hurt a fly. This time, however, we will discover his more adventurous and even risky side.  In this fascinating runner, our friend Talking Tom will have a chance to try his hand at capturing dangerous criminals. The thief – who would think that it is a sweet little raccoon! – robbed the dwellers of a small virtual town and is now getting away with a huge pile of money. But Tom won’t give away his funds that easily! Once he discovered that his gold was stolen, he started chasing the robber developing an ever higher speed. His way was hindered by passing cars, fences and walls, but he didn’t give up and kept running forward picking up coins that were pouring from the raccoon’s bag. Can you collect enough money to fix and redecorate Tom’s house? Launch a new runner featuring new Talking Tom and you’ll see!

The gameplay is rather obvious. The cat’s movements are controlled with swipes, while the hero runs automatically. With every minute, Tom speeds up, so you need to show incredible agility to make a timely escape from a giant truck that just appeared from around the corner or jump from roof to roof without falling down. While doing that, you can’t miss a single coin. After all, you worked so hard to earn them. You can’t just let the thief get away with them!

But be careful not to bump into an obstacle – that will immediately end the game. Unless, of course, Tom finds a special helmet neutralizing the impact. There are also many other bonuses and boosters scattered around. You can benefit from a number of multipliers, accelerators and other things that will make you faster, defter and richer. The money is meant for buying upgrades for Tom’s house which will be available at the end of each level. You can upgrade your lodgment with plenty of stuff, starting from new tile and ending with a large pool at the backyard. Once Tom will add some improvements to his apartment, you will be able to play for other characters as well, including Angela, Ginger and Ben. Each of them will run down their own track, so each time you’ll enjoy a different setting. Run non-stop and retrieve the stolen money!


  • Look
  • Jump

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