My Talking Hank


If you are already familiar with Talking Tom, his girlfriend Angela and My Talking Hank, you’ll definitely want to help them. The point is that our heroes have long been dreaming about a new home and have already saved up a quiet impressive sum of money. But before they could start building the house of their dream, a local crook found out where they kept their gold, broke the safe and is already running down the street with his pockets full of cash! Playing for one of the characters, you need to chase him before the thief disappears out of sight. Are you ready for the most unforgettable run in your life? Then launch Talking Tom Gold Run and show what you can!

The gameplay will keep you on edge every second. The graphics is very well-made and there won’t be a lack of locations. With the help of special mod, you can even set the change of day and night and different times of the year! First you’ll be able to play for Tom only. The rest of the characters will be available after he makes the first few upgrades in his home and buys a swimming pool.

You can move down three roads. The thief has dropped money on each of them. You goal is to pick up as many coins as you can avoiding numerous obstacles in your way. On first levels, you’ll only encounter static barriers, but then the streets will get full of moving cars which will be much more difficult to dodge. Besides, Tom will run ever faster making it harder to stay on track. Sometimes you’ll see various items that will come in handy during the game. For instance, a helmet will give you immunity against collusions, while a jet pack will take you into sky where you can collect even more gold. There are also various boosters multiplying the collected money and points earned, magnets for attracting the coins and other bonuses that will make it easier to move through the levels. Complete the game for each of the heroes and get enough money to buy all possible upgrades for their homes!


  • Look
  • Jump

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