Christmas Update


Are you a fan of Talking Tom and his friends in new Christmas Update? Then you’ll definitely love a new runner featuring these charming characters! The looks and the gameplay are borrowed from the famous Subway Surfers, so you won’t have to get used to new controls and will be able to focus on collecting as many coins as you can.

Tom will be running down the city streets gradually increasing his speed. Along the way, he’ll have to pick up gold scattered around the road and avoid obstacles whose number will grow with each level. To help you out, the developers have equipped the map with various accelerators, magnets, multipliers, helmets and other useful stuff. You can control the cat’s movements with swipes while he will be running automatically.

But that’s not everything! Tom can spend the money he will earn on building a new house, from the basement to wall décor. There is a special store where you can spend your gold on various upgrades that will change Tom’s humble lodgment beyond recognition. Once you unlock all upgrades available, you can start playing as Angela and other characters who want a beautiful home of their own. Luckily, the game has an endless number of levels and you can play as long as you need to earn enough money for buying all necessary things. Besides, you can set new records and compete with friends! And even though Talking Tom doesn’t really talk much here, he proves himself as a pretty good runner and that’s all he needs to earn as much money as possible!


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