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Talking Tom and his sweet lady Angela got into a fix. Late at night, a thief broke into their bedroom and stole all their money right under their noses! It was no other than the famous raccoon who already did a great number of robberies. Now the lovecats have to chase him and take away their stack. But that isn’t going to be easy. Your way will lie right across the traffic area packed with cars, buildings, fences and other obstacles. But you don’t have another choice except taking your chances and pursuing the thief down the busy street to pick up coins that keep falling out of his bag. Aside from that, you can collect various bonuses that will multiply the gold you collect and give you protection against collisions in case you bump into something. The money can be spent on upgrading Tom’s home. The game is very thrilling and won’t give you even a second to relax!


  • Look
  • Jump

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